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Picking the Best Bookie

Online bookmakers are becoming the most popular way for punters to place a bet as they can do it from the comfort of their own home, on the road using an iPhone or in the office. It is a much faster way to bet and the advantages also extend to being able to search around for the best odds in advance.

Picking the best bookie for you comes down to what you want in a bookmaker. Do you have an interest inwagering on one particular sport or are you after a bookmaker who offers a wide range of markets with great odds on all of them? Either way you are going to have to search around and do your homework before signing up with any bookie. There are however certain features which all bookmakers should offer but many don’t such as security, payment options and customer service. Narrowing your search down by using these factors is a great way to finding the best bookie for you.

What does a good bookmaker need to have?
• 24/7 customer service
• Multiple payment options
• Popularity
• Security
• Bonuses

24/7 Customer Service

Good bookmakers will always have staff available and ready to help punters if they have questions regarding the betting markets. Their customer service operators will have a great knowledge of the betting industry and will always be polite.

Payment Options

Depositing and withdrawing money from your account with an online bookmaker should be easy and the methods of payment should at least include credit card, direct deposit, money/cheque orders and PayPal. Withdrawal fees are also something which should be kept at a minimum and there will be some bookmakers which will not charge these fees at all. However check with these sites whether there are any other fees specified in the terms and conditions.


A credible bookie will be popular and will be included in the list of reputable bookmakers on online bookmaker review sites. Check with online forums whether your bookmaker is mentioned and for what reasons. Also, specific sports on television will advertise different bookmakers which have good betting odds on their games.


Your money is the most important thing in betting which is why it is important to check that your money is in safe hands. Good bookies will not ask for huge initial deposits over $20 and they will accept singles for those opening up a new account. There are bookmakers who will have unfair conditions for accepting singles and they should be avoided.


Good bookmakers will want to reward their customers by giving them bonuses and giveaways. Bonuses such as bet $50 and get a $100 bonus or a $200,000 giveaway to random players are examples of fantastic bonuses which should be offered by all superior bookies.